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The Future of Law Enforcement

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iCOPS is a market leading and innovative enterprise solution using cutting edge mobile technology to provide vital information to law enforcement officers anytime, anywhere using mobile devices.


Continuous Innovation

Patented innovations including: Search & Analytics Engine, Unified Collaboration, Geospatial Mapping, GPS Tracking & Situational awareness features.

Unified Realtime Information

Single information source for operational policing, structured and unstructured records searching including: address, persons, vehicle & licence checks.

User Optimized Design

Highly optimized user interfaces and workflows developed with and for frontline law enforcement.

Social Analytics

Integrated Social Analytics optimized for the law enforcement context. Field intelligence, and advanced entity association.

Advanced Security

iCOPS provides an adaptable security framework to integrate with leading mobile security vendors and accommodate existing ICT architectures. Secure end-to-end solution.

Ready to deploy

iCOPS is a flexible, all in one product that is ready to deploy in your environment.

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